How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Windows Cleaned in Ontario, Canada?

We all know that cleaning windows is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. If you clean your windows regularly, you’ll be able to increase your curb appeal significantly.

Window cleaning is a time-consuming process and may not be your first priority. We recognize that everyone may not be able to reach high windows, especially in a safe manner. That is why it is important to hire a professional window cleaning company, which have the right safety equipment and tools to get the job done right.

The big question is - how much does it cost to get windows cleaned in Ontario, Canada?

Top Factors That Influence Window Cleaning Costs

A quick Google search reveals that a lot of window washing companies operate in Ontario, Canada. It’s also important to note that professional window cleaning companies price their services differently.

That’s why estimating the average price is not always easy. In fact, there are many factors that affect the price of professional window cleaning services.

You’ll be able to get an understanding of how much it costs to get windows cleaned if you analyze the five factors below.    

1.     Residential or commercial window cleaning?

The cost of window cleaning largely depends on the type of work that needs to be done. Bear in mind that professional window cleaning services fall into two categories:

·       Residential window cleaning (also known as home window cleaning)

·       Commercial window cleaning


2.     Exterior only or interior and exterior window cleaning?

You can choose to have your windows cleaned either outside only or both inside and outside.

Obviously, it takes more time for a window cleaner to wash both interior and exterior, especially if they are cleaning the tracks, the sills and the screens. At Stone Cliff Window Cleaning the tracks, sills and the screens are included when we clean the interior and exterior windows.

It may sound obvious, but you must be prepared to pay more if you are interested in getting your interior and exterior windows cleaned as opposed to just exterior.      

3.     What type of windows need to be cleaned?

The type of windows also matter when it comes to estimating the cost of professional window cleaning. There are different types of windows, the most popular in Ontario, Canada are regular window panes, storm windows and french panes (small cut ups).

4.     How often do you need to have your windows cleaned?

How often should I clean my windows? The majority of window washing companies in Ontario, Canada recommend their customers to clean their windows at least 2 times a year (once in the spring and once in the fall).

However, the need for additional window cleanings may arise if your property is located next to a busy street or a body of water. This will increase the chance of dirt, debris, dust, bugs and spiders.

Most professional window cleaning companies will offer a discount if you get your windows cleaned more frequently, (i.e. twice a year, quarterly, monthly or even weekly).         

5.     What is the height of your windows and what is the complexity of the window cleaning work?

Sometimes, professional window cleaners find it hard to access the windows that need to be cleaned. The use special tools (water fed poles, extension ladders, swing stage, scissor lift, articulating boom lift and telescopic boom lift) can also impact the cost of the job. Any machinery that needs to be used will obviously increase the price. 


Professional Window Cleaning Cost in Ontario, Canada

We have just described all major factors that affect window cleaning costs. As mentioned above, the price of window cleaning services depends a lot on the:

1.     Type of property (residential or commercial)

2.     Type service (exterior only or interior and exterior)

3.     Type of widows (regular window, storm window or French window)

4.     Frequency of the cleaning (once a year, twice a year, quarterly, monthly or weekly)

5.     Height and complexity of the window cleaning work       

Below, we’ll provide you with several pricing examples for window cleaning services in Ontario, Canada.

Regular windows

Residential window cleaning service for regular windows will cost you about:

o   $2 to $4 per pane (exterior only)

o   $4 to $9 (interior and exterior – including cleaning the tracks sills and screens)

Commercial window cleaning service for regular windows will cost you about:

o   $1 to $3 per pane (exterior only)

o   $2 to $5  (interior and exterior)

Storm windows

Residential window cleaning service for storm windows will cost you about:

o   $2 to $4 per pane (exterior only)

o   $9 to $14 (interior and exterior – including cleaning the tracks sills and screens) – includes taking the storm windows apart

Commercial window cleaning service for storm windows will cost you about:

o   $2 to $4 per pane (exterior only)

o   $9 to $14 (interior and exterior) – includes taking the storm windows apart

French panes (cut ups)

Residential window cleaning service for French panes will cost you about:

o   $0.25 to $0.75 per pane (exterior only)

o   $.75 to $1.50 per pane (interior and exterior)

Commercial window cleaning service for French panes will cost you about:

o   $0.25 to $0.75 per pane (exterior only)

o   $.75 to $1.50 per pane (interior and exterior)


If you still have any questions about window cleaning prices in Ontario, Canada send us an email at and we would be happy to help.

We understand that the pricing can be complicated and that is why we provide our customers with FREE quotes.     

3 tips on how to clean your eavestrough

Cleaning your eavestroughs will protect your house and landscape but also prevent thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your foundation. 

When your eavestroughs are filled with organic litter, asphalt from roof shingles, and other debris, they prevent rainwater and melting snow from running freely from your roof to the ground.


The fall season is a perfect time to clean your eavestrough that are full from leaves and debris that may have fallen over the past few months. 
If your eavestroughs are clogged and a big rain hits, it could cause the water draining down the side of your house going down to the foundation. 

1.    Make sure you clean your eavestroughs at least once a year. We recommend cleaning them twice (Spring and Fall) and even more if you have trees that hang over your roof. Be sure to check the areas where the downspout and the eavestrough join, as this is often where debris and leaves get stuck.

2.    Use the correct equipment. Make sure you have: 
a.    Long sleeve shirt or sweater
b.    Rubber or waterproof gloves
c.    Extension ladder (preferably with standoff stabalizers) 
d.    Bucket – to empty the debris and leaves into
e.    Hose – to rinse out the eavestroughs and downspouts once all the debris and leaves have been cleared

3.     How to set up your ladder for proper eavestrough cleaning:
a.    Properly secure your ladder on solid ground
b.    Make sure the feet are level and use ladder levels if need be
c.    Ensure your ladder is on the correct 75-dgree angle
d.    If you are climbing onto another surface from your ladder, ensure it extends three feet above that surface
e.    If you are on an extension ladder, make sure both rung locks are fastened securely
f.    Confirm that the steps on the ladder are clean to avoid slipping

Your home is a major investment, and your eavestroughs are an integral part of your home's structure.  Protect your investment by ensuring you have regularly scheduled cleanings of your eavestroughs.

Ben Mulholland - Stone Cliff Window Cleaning Inc.

Still feel like you aren't up to cleaning your eavestrughs yourself? Contact us for a free quote


How to clean your eavestroughs

6 tips on how to find a window cleaning company

Finding a reputable window cleaning company shouldn't be a daunting task.  

What to consider when making the decision on which window cleaning company to hire: 

1. Does the window cleaning company have the necessary insurance to pay for potential damages to your home or business?

  • Make sure to ask for a certificate of insurance if you are unsure.

2. Does this window cleaning company have experience in the window cleaning business?

  • Experience is a good indicator of whether or not the company is successful in the competitive window cleaning industry. 

3. Does the window cleaning company have good reviews on sites such as Google or Facebook?

  • Make sure you read the reviews to get a sense of what previous customers have said.  

4. Did the window cleaning company return your call or e-mail promptly?

  • A prompt response indicates a high degree of professionalism and interest in your business. 

5. Is the window cleaning guaranteed if the window cleaning doesn't meet your expectations?  

6. Will the window cleaning company work around your personal schedule? Will it be easy to book an appointment within a reasonable time-frame?  


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