3 tips on how to clean your eavestrough

Cleaning your eavestroughs will protect your house and landscape but also prevent thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your foundation. 

When your eavestroughs are filled with organic litter, asphalt from roof shingles, and other debris, they prevent rainwater and melting snow from running freely from your roof to the ground.


The fall season is a perfect time to clean your eavestrough that are full from leaves and debris that may have fallen over the past few months. 
If your eavestroughs are clogged and a big rain hits, it could cause the water draining down the side of your house going down to the foundation. 

1.    Make sure you clean your eavestroughs at least once a year. We recommend cleaning them twice (Spring and Fall) and even more if you have trees that hang over your roof. Be sure to check the areas where the downspout and the eavestrough join, as this is often where debris and leaves get stuck.

2.    Use the correct equipment. Make sure you have: 
a.    Long sleeve shirt or sweater
b.    Rubber or waterproof gloves
c.    Extension ladder (preferably with standoff stabalizers) 
d.    Bucket – to empty the debris and leaves into
e.    Hose – to rinse out the eavestroughs and downspouts once all the debris and leaves have been cleared

3.     How to set up your ladder for proper eavestrough cleaning:
a.    Properly secure your ladder on solid ground
b.    Make sure the feet are level and use ladder levels if need be
c.    Ensure your ladder is on the correct 75-dgree angle
d.    If you are climbing onto another surface from your ladder, ensure it extends three feet above that surface
e.    If you are on an extension ladder, make sure both rung locks are fastened securely
f.    Confirm that the steps on the ladder are clean to avoid slipping

Your home is a major investment, and your eavestroughs are an integral part of your home's structure.  Protect your investment by ensuring you have regularly scheduled cleanings of your eavestroughs.

Ben Mulholland - Stone Cliff Window Cleaning Inc.

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How to clean your eavestroughs