how to find a window cleaning company

6 tips on how to find a window cleaning company

Finding a reputable window cleaning company shouldn't be a daunting task.  

What to consider when making the decision on which window cleaning company to hire: 

1. Does the window cleaning company have the necessary insurance to pay for potential damages to your home or business?

  • Make sure to ask for a certificate of insurance if you are unsure.

2. Does this window cleaning company have experience in the window cleaning business?

  • Experience is a good indicator of whether or not the company is successful in the competitive window cleaning industry. 

3. Does the window cleaning company have good reviews on sites such as Google or Facebook?

  • Make sure you read the reviews to get a sense of what previous customers have said.  

4. Did the window cleaning company return your call or e-mail promptly?

  • A prompt response indicates a high degree of professionalism and interest in your business. 

5. Is the window cleaning guaranteed if the window cleaning doesn't meet your expectations?  

6. Will the window cleaning company work around your personal schedule? Will it be easy to book an appointment within a reasonable time-frame?  


Ben Mulholland - Stone Cliff Window Cleaning inc.